Monday, March 8, 2010

It's Bad Author Photo Time

This one is easy. Jim Butcher is the crazy-popular author of the mega-successful Dresden Files books. I don't even read Sci-Fi and think they're pretty good. The author photo, however, is a different story. Maybe it's the My-Brain-Is-So-Giant-I-Have-To-Prop-Up-My-Head pose. Maybe it's the arched eyebrow that tells us that he's knows we're not as smart as him. But really, I think it's the hair. Long hair on any guy who isn't up on stage in a band at the very moment you see him or maybe Fabio (if he's still alive) looks kind of silly. Now that I think about it, forget Fabio. The flowing locks are what I like to call the Hola Babes look. "All I have to do," the long locked fellow thinks, "is shake my head like this and the ladies are gonna flock to me."


  1. Ech - that eyebrow definitely needs to be lowered back down to a respectable level appropriate for mixed company.

  2. his smirk says "YOU think my books are OK and that's why I am RICH"
    He really should not have rolled the sleeves up to show his fur though.
    peace and love
    (I got here via the great Love The Liberry blog)

  3. Agree with the long hair, glad he cut it. If you ever get a chance to see him live, though, check him out. Very entertaining speaker.