Saturday, January 16, 2010

90210: The Book

I found this little gem at a local thrift store, as I assume if my library did own it that it was probably weeded around the time some of those West Beverly kids were entering their 30's (or 40's considering some of the actors).
Beverly Hills, 90210 by Mel Gilden is a novelization of the (original) show almost literally, though they did leave out commercials and you have to imagine the fashion faux pas yourself. I thought perhaps they stopped after the first book since anyone watching the show would've probably viewed the book as a rerun, but apparently it was a series (and also in German!) so I'll have to be on the lookout for more of these in the future.

On a scale of teen fun, I'd rate this book better than playing "Girl Talk," but lamer than a pizza party with an early 90's mixtape and talking to real friends. Recommended for: Gen-Xers or pre-Millenials who are feeling nostalgic and might be snowed in.


  1. Love the new blog! If I encounter any horrific titles when I weed, will you accept contributions? By the way, the 90210 cover gave me this odd PTSD kind of reaction.

  2. Thanks! Sorry -- blogger didn't notify me that I had a new comment.
    I would love contributions, did you want to be added as a "team member"?

  3. I have been weeding in Large Print and have a few doozies, so I'd love to contribute! you want to vet them first? I want to make sure they fit what you have in mind for your blog.

  4. Ok, I trust your opinion on bad books, but if you want to run some by me first that's ok too. My email is shushyou at gmail dot com. Once I get your email address I can add you as a contributor too.